Death of a Gentleman

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Four years in the making, Death of a Gentleman unravels an intricate plot to conquer the world of cricket for financial gain. This compromises the integrity of what has always been a gentleman’s game. In spite of cricket’s reputation as a slow game here in the UK, it is the world’s second most viewed sport. The greed and corruption found at the film’s core are, in today’s economic climate, relevant to both fans of the sport and those who don’t even know the rules (which is possibly the majority of people).

The story is unravelled onscreen by cricket journalists Sam Collins and Jarrod Kimber. Their passion for the sport is clear and the stand-up-for-yourself-before-it’s-too-late attitude should resonate with you whatever your level of interest in the game. The cricketing world being hijacked by an oligarch that offers no transparency or accountability is a story that we are becoming more and more familiar with, not only in sport with the recent FIFA scandal, but also in politics and business.

#changecricket is the directors’ call to action. They aim to reverse the ICC’s decisions to allocate over half of its funds to the three richest teams (India, England and Australia) and contract the Cricket World Cup from 14 to 10 teams. Instead, they hope to expand the sport and give the 105 international cricket playing countries fairer opportunities. Whether you like the sport or not, democratising what you love is a solid message that should be played everywhere.

Death of a Gentleman will be in Picturehouses across the UK from August 7.

Check out the trailer below.