A Day & Night at Motion

Posted by - April 13, 2017 - Events, Review

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of frequenting Bristol’s infamous Motion, you might have found yourself asking ‘How much Motion is too much Motion?’ Last weekend, Hold Your Horses decided to put that musing to the test, as we attempted to spend an entire day AND an entire night at the venue. See how we got on…

Saturday 8th April marked the first in a series of day events at Motion when the culture of Garage & Brunch collided. Frank Colzie and 24hr Garage Girls supplied the tunes for the day while Foozie took care of the catering, selecting up & coming eateries Burger Theory & Eatchu to line partygoer’s stomachs.


Burger Theory did what it says on the tin; good burgers, done well. It is somewhat of a cult offering in Bristol earning themselves the reputation as one of the ‘best burgers in Bristol’ – check them out for yourselves on 13-15 King Street, Bristol BS1 4EF.

Waving the international flag, Japanese pop-up Eatchu made sure Gyozas were not in short supply on the day. The dumplings were made to order with a selection of delicious fillings & limitless toppings – the vegan Tofu/Spinach Gyoza was my personal favourite but whatever your foodie preference, these guys have you covered. You’ll be pleased to know that owners Guy and Victoria Siddall have just secured themselves a permanent spot down in St Nicks, go pay them a visit: The Old Mess Room, Exchange Avenue, Bristol BS1 1JQ.

For the series debut, it was a banger of a day although next time, Motion’s epic courtyard should be taken advantage of more. More food, more booze, more tunes – what more could you want?

-® Sarah Koury-52-® Sarah Koury-61

Just a few hours later, Motion reopened to facilitate an event featuring some of the biggest legends around – and not just in the music industry.

Idris Elba made his Motion debut, pulling in a crowd of over 2,000 who were kept in anticipation until he took to the decks at 2:30. He played a diverse set, mixing the best of house, dubstep and grime to cater to a mixed crowd. Better known as an actor, film star or fashion designer, it was clear from the first 5 minutes that the entertainer has a talent for everything he turns his hand to – here’s to hoping he returns in the not-so-distance future.

Warming up for the superstar was Mike Skinner who played a dub heavy set concluding with ‘Fit but you know it’. The former ‘The Streets’ frontman hasn’t been on the scene as much of late but he hasn’t lost his touch, powering his way through a 2 hour set.

The rest of the line-up showcased the likes of Roska, Punctual, Krush, Blazey Bodynod, Sherry S & more.

So there we have it, nearly 18 hours in Motion and still itching to get back. With Bank Holiday looming, I can sense another challenge already…

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Photo credit: Sarah Koury