Just Jack Halloween Freak Boutique

Posted by - October 22, 2014 - Events

Just jack

With festival season now a distant memory, an excuse to channel that ‘hedonistic’ inner-self is needed more than ever. Thankfully the Just Jack team have come to the rescue this Halloween to see that even your freakiest of fantasies will be satisfied, by teaming up with Bristol in:Motion to play host to the infamous Freak Boutique. Returning for another year on November 1st the event has built up quite the reputation, with tickets a sell-out before the whisperings of Halloween have even begun. This is hardly surprising with the treats (or tricks..) that The Boutique has in store; circus acts, an unnervingly good line-up and the promise of an experience unlike any other Halloween party. With a strict ‘Circus Freak and Zombie Chic’ dress code, expect to see more bloodied souls than you can shake a (broom)stick at, do you dare to enter the lair of Colonel Wrongface?

Fear not if you’ve missed out on a ticket, there will be a very limited amount on the door.

Words by Charlotte Horn