Sailor Jerry Presents: Dananananaykroyd

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A stoically superb live act able to tweak their audience’s enjoyment-teat at will.

Earlier this year Dananananaykroyd deemed themselves at the end of their tenure; not being ones to sink without a trace they are currently touring their tits off and revelling in it. The band announced on September 29th that they would disband after one farewell tour. Any old-time, part-time or long-time fans may just regret missing their chance to dance while this band are still hot. Playing many songs from 2011 release There Is A Way, and much music from previous years, they whipped up a frenzy at the Sailor Jerry Presents gig aboard Bristol’s Thekla venue last month.

The energy of the band’s music was channeled through vocal voracities of Callum Gunn and John Baillie Junior, who share singing and jumping duties. When Baillie Jr takes a trademark stride out into the audience, defying the stage/floor divide, he makes his case to the crowd for some participation. They respond with much more movement than a small ship like the Thekla can contain, and Dananananaykroyd’s frontmen have the crowd in knots from then on. It only takes the opening strains of Watch This! second track from 2009’s fondly remembered Hey Everyone! record, for the west country’s fight-pop loyalists to forget to spectate; they all succumb to a good ride on the roaring undertow for the rest of the evening. The stage is surrendered to lead guitarist and bassist who duly light it up with impressive solos. Then new drummer “Edinburgh Paul” Bannon receives due plaudits from the crowd. They recognise his achievement as the unimaginable: coming out of nowhere and furiously tattooing his kit with complex song-leading rhythms; a triumphant feat alone, save conducting his lunatic bandmates.

Dananananaykroyd – Muscle Memory

This band expand to fill the space given to them. The high-walled hull of the Thekla throbbed and bulged, from energetic performers and gig-goers alike, wanting a proper send-off for each other. Dusting off with fan-favourite Infinity Milk assured a set truly anchored in memories of fans here (before the tour doubles back towards Bristol later this month). With one more farewell in the south west as the tour swirls to a climax, long-time fans are getting the best from the fight-pop sextet. Crowds at the remaining gigs are pledged as much energy as they show, and bucket loads more in return.

And as Sailor Jerry Presents wraps up this season with a stonking London concert headlined by Brooklyn punks Cerebral Ballzy, we have them to thank for tracing the country with a delectable finger of eclecticism over the last two years.

Words by Adam Richard Young


Sailor Jerry Presents Cerebral Ballzy with special guests at The Macbeth in Hoxton, London on Thursday 10 November 2011. Tickets available here.

Dananananaykroyd return to Bristol Saturday 5 November at The Cooler for one last romp with their eager southern fandom. Tickets available here.