Smalltown: B3

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Kicking off Grand Final weekend in a big way, the Novel crew has pulled it out the bag with their latest Smalltown offering, which not only provides a stonking line-up, but also sees the inauguration of a brand new Melbourne venue, B3 (in Etihad stadium carpark, no less).

The previously uninhabited space beneath the Stadium will be suitably inhabited come September 27th, with disco-veteran DJ Koze set to pull in a 5000-strong crowd. Joining the European line-up is German powerhouse Gerd Janson and Belgium’s finest Charlotte de Witte – a line-up worthy of discotheques the world over.

While Koze is the star-attraction, Janson is not to be missed. His illustrious live performances yet illusive online presence make him an absolute must-see. Expect an inventive blend of house complementing Koze’s disco and De Witte’s techno to a tee.

With the event 80% sold out, grab a ticket and catch the trio while you can (and thank your lucky stars you’ve got a 3-day recovery window…).