Houghton Festival

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Last weekend Houghton returned for its second outing after shaking up the festival calendar in 2017 with its critically acclaimed debut. Curated by Craig Richards and produced by the minds behind Gottwood Festival, Houghton took over the grounds of Houghton Hall in Norfolk for four days of electronic music. Here’s what we discovered across the sold out weekend.

The music did not stop

Thanks to a unique license, Houghton hosted DJ sets non-stop from Thursday until Sunday night. Unlike many other music festivals there was no curfew and whenever you wanted to find music you could, whether that was listening to Horse Meat Disco at midday or Ricardo Villalobos as the sun came up.

The site was amazing

Houghton’s 16 stages were all centred around a lake, in open clearings and dotted throughout a forest. Venues featured a hedonistic pit called The Quarry, a 360 degree stage and sound system, a huge warehouse space and even a record store. You didn’t have to walk far to find other stages as they were all in fairly close proximity. That might throw up some concerns about sound clashes, but that was not the case and it was ideal for dipping in and out of sets until you found the vibe you were looking for.

Your phone is basically useless

Except taking snaps of your mates, there wasn’t much point in taking your phone out into the festival, thanks to the lack of signal coverage on site. Not that that is a terrible thing of course as instead of seeing a sea of people glued to their handsets the focus was on experiencing the festival and forgetting about the outside world.

It wasn’t all about the music

It turns out Houghton is pretty boujee and on entering the festival this became clear quite quickly. The boutique camping areas were huge and rivalled even the standard campsite. The first bar we came across was serving up prosecco and next door you could get your fill of gourmet shellfish. There was also more than one option for fine dining across the weekend if you wanted a sit down three course meal.


Images by Here & Now