Grimes – Visions

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After listening to Visions, you’ll find yourself wondering whether Grimes is part woman part robot. Her crystal cut voice has been manipulated, layered and looped so much that it seems to evolve into something beyond human. Paired with all the instrument samples, reverberating synth and unnatural noises, this is an album that’s so modern it claims to be ‘post internet.’

Grimes is in fact no robot, but one woman, Canadian Claire Boucher. Visions marks her fourth record release in two years. Busy bee that she is, she not only writes her own songs, but also produces them, directs her own videos and makes her own album artwork. Clearly she puts her all into her work, claiming it to be “the only means through which I can be fully expressive.” Expressive it is, the record has dreamy, billowy elements alongside darker, almost savage tones.

The album has an almost oriental feel to it; Boucher’s vocals on Infinite Love Without Fulfilment and Eight chime with a sing-song quality. Boucher achieves clever feats with her vocal range- she combines her softer tones, which weave around you like a warm breeze, with her high, fragile notes that have an innocent child-like quality to them. The layering of her vocals on tracks such as Be A Body are so varied they had me checking whether she had any guest vocalists. I couldn’t find any evidence of said guests, so we have to give her a round of applause for having me guessing.

The album has all the deconstructed electro sound of an Aphex Twin record, with her self proclaimed influences of new wave, industrial and glitch seeping out of track. It’s a record that shows Grimes’ evolution in a short period, being both dancey and her most accessible record to date. It’s out for your purchasing on March 12th or you pre order here.