Korallreven – An Album by Korallreven

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The debut album of Swedish two-some Korallreven has been long awaited. Marcus Joons and Daniel Tjäder (of The Radio Dept.) emerged with the balmy electronic record Loved-Up back in 2009 after Joons was inspired to make music by a trip to Samoa. Apart from the two singles, The Truest Faith and Honey Mine, the gentlemen have left the musical world holding it’s breath until it was blue in the face waiting for ‘An Album By Korallreven’ to be released. And now it is here, and all those months of no oxygen are being righted by a gust of airy, tropical pop.

The ten track LP has reworks of the previous singles alongside fresh material. This culmination of songs from the last two years works with surprising ease, Loved-Up’s shimmery tones blend seamlessly with the pan pipes and uplifting sunshine sound of Comin’ Closer.

The album is packed with global sounds; African tribal drums, South American pipes and Oriental chimes all make repeated appearances. This creates an open, universal feel that allows listeners to travel between continents as they listen. Sa Sa Samoa is everything the name suggests, a homage to the country that inspired Joons. His extended trip to the country, with the relaxed sunny vibes and Catholic church bells of the country peeling through this track, which has guest vocals from Julianna Barwick. It is a taste of the album as whole, which is a fusion of uplifting, sun-drenched electro-pop.

Korallreven – Sa Sa Samoa feat. Julianna Barwick

The self-professed aim of Korallreven is to induce a trance when listening to their music, and with that in mind, this album can be deemed a success. With the most hectic time of year upon us (word of advice for HYH readers: avoid doing Christmas shopping in Oxford St, it has the power to turn jolly St Nick himself into Scrooge), An Album by Korallreven provides a rare moment of tranquillity, with the almost ethereal tones of Joons taking you to the sunny shores of the Pacific.

An Album by Korallreven is available to download here.